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After Aluir started working full time at Warner Brothers with us on Superman, Bruce gave him one of his sketchbooks to draw some artwork in. The sketchbook had a lot of filled pages over the years by other artists of note.
So, a few months go by, and Aluir hasn’t given back the sketchbook. And Bruce is asking for it. But, Aluir is stalling him, saying he hasn’t done anything in it yet, but Bruce wants it back to give to someone else to draw in it.
Then Aluir comes to talk to me about it, privately. I ask him, what’s the problem? Just do the drawings, give it back. Then he confesses that he has already done the drawings in the book, but can’t give it back, because he spilt coffee all over the book, and into pages of artwork.
And I yelled at him something like “what’s wrong with you? You’re going to get fired! That book was priceless!”
Then Aluir chimes in “It Is Now!”
We sat around the office figuring out what to do, then I suggested: When Bruce is out of his office, go in there and put the book on his desk. I’ll pour some coffee in one of Bruce’s cups on his desk, spill it over the sketchbook, and leave it there for him to find, thinking he must have spilt the coffee himself.
Somehow, Aluir must of talked me out of it, (maybe Bruce didn’t drink coffee then, I can’t remember) instead he opted to work at night for the next several weeks repairing the book, by using bleach and other chemicals of unknown origin. He even redrew artwork on pages were the bleach whited out what used to be there.
So, the book is probably filled with artwork by lets say, Jim Steranko with assist by Aluir Amancio. Bruce apparently didn’t notice anything, maybe he smelled a light odor of bleach?
I don’t know?
Anyway, I think he should have stuck with my plan.
-Butch Lukic
Warner Bros. Animation, Los Angeles
May 16, 2008

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Drawings by Aluir Amancio from Bruce Timm sketchbook, 1999.


© Aluir Amancio. Characters are © their respective copyright holders. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of Aluir Amancio and/or the respective copyright holder.

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